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I had the chance this weekend to visit an Apple Store and try out a one of Apple’s new iPhones. I couldn’t help but think that we’ll have a new rash of cell phone car accidents as drivers go through their learning curve on the remarkable device–while behind the wheel.

It is already well known that the distraction of cell phone use by drivers has caused many accidents. Those of us who handle personal injury cases involving car accidents see the problem regularly. The Car Talk website has a section entitled “Drive Now, Talk Later” listing a host of anecdotes about actual car accidents involving cell phone use by drivers.

The Insurance information Institute recently summarized research studies about cell phone use and car crashes, and legislative efforts to limit cell phone use while driving. Some of the studies make the point that any distraction while driving can result in an accident. I handled a case last year in which a driver was actually eating a bowl of cereal while driving! As she attempted to enter a highway with a wide turn to avoid spilling the milk out of her bowl, she collided with my client, at a motorcyclist, spilling him into a ditch and causing serious, permanent injuries.

iPhones have a remarkable array of functions that can be accessed and manipulated with the fingertip. Its ease of use will prompt many drivers to think that it can be safely operated while driving. While the iPhone may be easy to operate, cars remain dangerous missiles unless controlled by a person attentive to traffic rather than text messaging a friend.

For more information on this subject, please refer to our section on Car and Motorcycle Accidents.

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