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Propane Explosion In Factory Kills 3 Workers, Injures Many Others

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An apparent propane gas explosion at a Milwaukee factory has claimed the lives of at least three workers and injured at least 37 others. Rescue workers are sifting through the remnants of the building in which the explosion occurred, part of the Falk Corporation manufacturing headquarters in the Menominee Valley adjacent to downtown Milwaukee.

According to a report on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Website:

The explosion occurred in a 100-foot by 500-foot building identified as the 2.2 Annex, which served as a manufacturing area for gears, Falk’s core product.

Only the building’s steel frame remained standing after the blast, and surrounding structures were heavily damaged. The blast shattered windows up to a mile away.

Most of us in the Milwaukee area, particularly those downtown this morning just after 8:00 am, felt the concussion of the blast and heard the explosion. It was quite frightening.

OSHA and state authorities are on the scene investigating.

Our sincere condolences to those who have lost loved ones or who will be dealing with the consequences of serious injuries, and our prayers go out to those families still anxiously awaiting news about those still unaccounted for.