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Problems Persist For Brain Injury Victim

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Brain injury can result in physical limitations, such as quadraplegia or paraplegia, as well as mental limitations, such as loss of memory and other cognitive functions. An interesting and tragic account of one man’s traumatic brain injury appears in today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Elliot Lubar, a well known executive of a social services agency that provides counseling services to children and their families, was injured while attending a Green Bay Packers game in November, 2004 when bowled over by a man running after another who had stolen his hat. Lubar was thrown to the ground, striking his head. While a lawsuit brought him some compensation, he suffered the loss of his job, the end of his 40 year marriage, and a long and continuing struggle to adjust to the permanent loss of some of his mental functions. His story is well worth reading for brain injury victims and their families.

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