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Cheney Mishap Puts Spotlight on Hunting Safety

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Vice President Cheney’s hunting accident case parallels 1999 shotgun accident involving basketball coach Bobby Knight. Both cases involved the violation of basic rules of hunting safety.

Vice President Richard Cheney’s hunting accident on a private ranch in Corpus Christi, Texas, once again places needed attention on the topic of hunting safety.

Hunting experts seem to agree that Cheney violated some basic rules of hunting safety:

Pat Lisi, a recreational safety specialist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, said Cheney had violated two of the basic rules of hunter safety: “Know your target and what is beyond,” and “Always keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction.”

A Wisconsin case in 1999 involving college basketball coach Bobby Knight was strikingly similar. Our firm filed suit against Knight, teaming with San Francisco Attorney Bob Arns seeking damages for Knight’s victim. The case ultimately settled before trial, but the point was made that safety comes first when hunting.