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Mattel Recalls Magnetic Toys Due To Swallowing Hazard

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Mattel has issued a recall notice for Polly Pocket magnetic toys in the wake of reports that three children have been hospitalized for intestinal perforations after swallowing small magnetic parts found in these doll play sets. Mattel is recalling 2.4 million sets, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The recalled products include the following: Polly Pocket Polly Place Hangin’ Out House; Polly Pocket Polly Place Treetop Clubhouse; Polly Pocket Spa Day; Polly Pocket Polly Place Totally Tiki Diner; Polly Pocket Quik-Clik Boutique; Polly Pocket Quik-Clik City Pretty Playset; Polly Pocket Quik-Clik Sporty Style Playset; and Polly Pocket Totally Zen Playset.

This recall follows a separate recall earlier this year of nearly 4 million Magnetix toys made by Mega Brands of Montreal, Canada’s largest toy manufacturer. In October, Mega agreed to pay $13.5 million to settle a lawsuit with families of 15 victims.

The U.S. Public Interest Research Group is urging the CPSC to require labels on magnetic toys warning that magnets can cause serious injury or death. The U.S. PIRG has issued its 21st annual “Trouble In Toyland” report that surveys toy hazards each holiday season. This year, the report is focusing its attention on toys that may pose choking hazards, magnetic toys, toys that are excessively loud, and toys that contain potentially toxic chemicals.