Milwaukee, Wisconsin


David Lowe

Distracted Truck Driver Rear Ends School Bus, Sending 14 Children To Area Hospitals

A semi collided with a school bus unloading children on Highway 50 in Kenosha County on Friday afternoon, May 23, 2008, sending at least 14 children and two adults to hospitals, with four of the…

David Lowe

Investigators Focus on Cause of Truck Wheel Separation

Last week I wrote about the uninsured motorist coverage issues raised by the news story about a Mequon, Wisconsin motorist killed by a flying truck tire that had come loose, crossed a highway median, and flown into the victim’s windshield. The victim was later identified as Krishna Chintamaneni, the highly regarded chief of staff of Milwaukee’s St. Francis Hospital. But the truck owner has now…

David Lowe

Electronic Logs Would Keep Tired Truckers Off The Road

Trucking safety advocates are proposing that the government follow the European model that requires trucking companies to use an electronic system to record their hours of work and rest, instead of the paper log system that drivers can easily falsify to allow them to remain on the road more hours per day than permitted by federal law. A Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel story by Rick Romell sheds light…

David Lowe

Truck Driver Fatigue Tracked In Survey

A survey of truck drivers conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reveals that In any given month, at least one out of eight long-distance truck drivers dozes at the wheel.A story about the survey published in today’s Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel summarizes the causes of accidents involving truck drivers in this way:A 2006 government study of large-truck crashes involving death or…

David Lowe

Are Campaign Contributions Compromising Highway Safety?

How safe would you feel driving down the highway beside a 97 foot long assembly of four trucks linked together, with the trailing three mounted on each other and only their rear wheels in contact with the pavement? Can you imagine any good reason why our government would permit this dangerous combination on our streets and highways?Smells like trucking industry money at work.Saddlemount vehicle…

David Lowe

Families Of Truck Crash Victims Lobby Congress

This week, families of truck crash victims are lobbying Congress and the Bush administration to establish stricter rules that would reduce truck drivers’ hours on the road without rest and increase the number of safety inspections, among other recommendations. I have commented previously on highway safety advocacy efforts, and the challenges these efforts face in view of the improper trucking…