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David Lowe

Am I My Brother’s Dog’s Keeper?

In a decision that reaffirms the policy of protecting the public from dog attacks, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals has ruled that a homeowner who shelters, protects or feeds a dog, even though the…

Paul Jacquart

Smoke Detector Could Have Saved Lives Says Lawsuit

The Baltimore Sun reports that a man who lost his pregnant fiancee, son and fiancee’s niece in an apartment building fire is suing the landlord for failure to install smoke detectors. The lawsuit claims damages totalling 53 million dollars. The lawsuit alleges that only three of the twelve apartments in the building had smoke detectors. The lawyer for the claimant has said that he hoped the…

David Lowe

Insurance Company Takes Heat for Filing Slip and Fall Lawsuit

It’s nice to see the shoe on the other foot. Sentry Insurance is being criticized for being too litigious. Sentry has sued an 81-year-old Brookfield, Wisconsin woman over injuries suffered by a member of a meal-delivery team who slipped and fell on a patch of ice in her driveway three years ago. Apparently, Sentry paid medical benefits for the delivery person and is seeking to recover those…

David Lowe

Dangerous School Parking Lot Design Leads to Wrongful Death Verdict

A Los Angeles, California jury has awarded more than $10 million to the parents of a first grade student killed when struck by a van in an improperly designed school parking lot. The jury found that the lot was not built in accordance with the state-approved plans, and that hte school was aware of its dangerous design before the accident.Reacting to the verdict, the child’s father said he…

David Lowe

Propane Explosion In Factory Kills 3 Workers, Injures Many Others

An apparent propane gas explosion at a Milwaukee factory has claimed the lives of at least three workers and injured at least 37 others. Rescue workers are sifting through the remnants of the building in which the explosion occurred, part of the Falk Corporation manufacturing headquarters in the Menominee Valley adjacent to downtown Milwaukee. According to a report on the Milwaukee Journal…

David Lowe

Death and Injury at the Workplace: A Mixed Report Card

A state-by-state report issued by the AFL-CIO, issued in conjunction with the upcoming Worker’s Memorial Day this Friday, presents a mixed picture on the status of workplace safety in America. Analyzing data from 2004, the report shows that rates for deaths in the workplace increased for the first time in a decade, while rates for illnesses and injuries experienced a slight decline. The…

David Lowe

$7 Million Verdict Against Manufacturer of Inadequate Smoke Detector

The Business Review reports that a jury in New York has rendered a $7 million damages verdict against First Alert and BRK Brands Inc. for selling smoke detectors that failed to alert a family of a fire in their home. Two family members died in the fire because the ionization type detectors never went off. According to the victims’ attorney, The detectors at issue were ionization type smoke…

David Lowe

Wisconsin Attorney Handles Olympic Slip and Fall

While I am managing cases involving slips and falls on ice in Wisconsin, across the globe in Turin, Italy a classmate of mine is handling a much more high profile case. When U.S. Olympic figure skater and gold medal hopeful Michelle Kwan fell during practice in Turin, Italy, raising concerns that ultimately led to her withdrawal from the 2006 Winter games due to injury, she was seen being…

Staff Writer

Public Property Owners Held to Higher Standard

Wisconsin’s Safe Place Statute holds owners and operators of public buildings and places of employment to a higher standard than the standard to which private homeowners are held. This ensures that public premises are as safe as possible. Public property owners and operators may be held responsible for your injuries because of their duty to protect customers from hazardous conditions on their…