Milwaukee, Wisconsin


David Lowe

Nursing Home Resident Dies After Being Left Outside in Record Heat

The Milwaukee County medical examiner is investigating the death of an elderly nursing home resident left outside for over three hours in yesterday’s record heat. The 69 year old resident was…

Paul Jacquart

Elder Justice Act in Senate Health Bill

According to the Elder Justice Coalition, the current version of the Senate Health Bill contains the Elder Justice Act, but the House version of the bill does not, meaning its future may be at stake…

Paul Jacquart

Wisconsin Nursing Homes Unsafe

If you have a loved one in a nursing home in Wisconsin, they may be in danger. This is the frightening implication of a recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigative report which shows that…

David Lowe

Study Shows Nursing Home Quality of Care Varies By Race

A study published in the journal Health Affairs reveals a huge disparity in the quality of nursing home care provided to whites and blacks, with Milwaukee’s nursing home disparity ranked the greatest.The abstract of the study, appearing on the health policy journal’s website, states:We describe the racial segregation in U.S. nursing homes and its relationship to racial disparities in the quality…

David Lowe

Suit Filed Over Death Of Wheelchair Bound Nursing Home Resident

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today reports about a suit filed by the widow of a nursing home resident who died on August 5, 2004 of head injuries suffered in a fall down stairs at St. Johns Home on the east side of Milwaukee.The suit, filed on July 18, 2007, alleges that John Mellinger was wheelchair bound following an earlier hip fracture injury, and that he was also suffering from dementia. …

David Lowe

Death of Nursing Home Resident Leads to Huge Fine

A San Francisco skilled nursing facility has been cited and fined $100,000, the largest ever imposed in California, after the California Department of Health Services determined that the poor care of an 82-year-old resident with dementia led to her death. The nursing home resident who had a history of falling and wandering, was found unresponsive on the ground outside the nursing home facility….

David Lowe

Failure To Monitor Nursing Home Resident's Infection Alleged In Lawsuit

The daughter of a 77-year-old nursing home resident has filed a lawsuit alleging nursing home negligence in the care of her mother. The lawsuit alleges that the nursing home employees failed to report an infected ankle wound, which later required the resident to undergo amputation of the leg. The wound went unnoticed by the daughter because the resident, who suffers from dementia, was unable…