Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Paul Jacquart

NEJM Study Says "Frivolous" Malpractice Claims Not Common

The debate over so-called “frivolous” medical malpractice litigation is a heated one. Proponents on both sides of the issue are quick to offer their commentary and examples of how our…

David Lowe

Who Can Sue For Medical Malpractice in Wisconsin?

“Yes, this death was the result of malpractice, but there is no one with the right to sue and hold the doctor or hospital to account.”

As a medical malpractice lawyer in Wisconsin, I…

Paul Jacquart

Medical Malpractice "Never Events"

The National Quality Forum, which identifies itself as a not-for-profit membership organization created to develop and implement a national strategy for health care quality measurement and…

David Lowe

Medical Malpractice Litigation Unlikely To Change Despite Medicare's Refusal To Pay For Hospital Errors

Effective October 1, 2008, Medicare will no longer reimburse hospitals for extra medical services provided because of hospital errors.
The new rule will apply to the following list of reasonably…

Paul Jacquart


A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel has recommended bolstering the warnings of the dangers of Lasik eye surgery, reports the Associated Press. The article explains that although Lasik…

David Lowe

The Wisconsin Family Justice Bill: Ensuring That All Medical Malpractice Claims Are Heard

Once again today, I had to turn down a potential medical malpractice case for a young adult because there was no survivor of the victim who had the legal right to pursue the claim. Under Wisconsin…

Jenny Albano

Minnesota Hospital Admits Wrong Organ Removed

Methodist Hospital in Minnesota acknowledged that their medical staff accidentally removed the wrong organ from a patient. Dr. Samuel Carlson, chief medical officer for Park Nicollet Health Services, stated that one of the surgeons removed a patient’s healthy kidney and left the cancerous one in place.The surgery was performed last Tuesday, but it wasn’t until the next day that a pathologist…

David Lowe

Ritter Lawsuit Demonstrates How Medical Malpractice Caps Discriminate On Basis Of Wealth

After a month long trial, John Ritter’s doctors were found not liable by a California jury for medical malpractice in the actor’s death in 2003. The lawsuit alleged that a cardiologist misdiagnosed an aortic dissection as a heart attack, and that a radiologist failed to perform an x-ray that might have revealed the dissection, thus causing Ritter to lose the chance for surgery that might have…

David Lowe

Decline in Medical Malpractice Cases Has Brought Down Malpractice Insurance Costs

Another story today adds to the mounting evidence that medical malpractice suits are in decline and that medical malpractice insurance costs are headed downward. In Baltimore, Maryland, a consent order settlement has been reached between the State and the largest medical malpractice insurance carrier, Medical Mutual Liability Insurance Society, which will result in the return of excess medical…

Paul Jacquart

Milwaukee Hospital Warns of Brain Disease Contamination

Froedtert Hospital has issued a warning to nearly 100 patients who underwent surgery this week that they may have been exposed to a rare, fatal brain disease spread by surgical instruments. It was discovered that another patient who had surgery this week may have Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, part of a family of prion diseases, which include mad cow and chronic wasting disease. It is thought that…