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Teens Hurt While Texting And Driving Under the Influence

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Wisconsin has an alcohol problem.

Today’s news brings new proof: Two teenage girls driving in the Town of Rietbrock have been cited for simultaneously operating the same car while drunk and texting. Apparently, the 16 year old passenger steered the car while the 17 year old girl in the driver’s seat was using her hands to send a text message on her cell phone. Talk about an ambitious attempt at multitasking! You have to be drunk to do something this dumb. I wonder if the Marathon County Sheriff’s Department had a box to check off to classify this event. Is it DUI (driving under the influence); DWT (driving while text messaging); or TDTGT&D (two drunk teenage girls texting and driving)?

Though only one of the girls here was injured when the car rolled over, and the injury was minor, this could have been a tragedy. Parents need to talk to teens about drinking and driving.