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Milwaukee Police Squad Car Involved in Serious Accident

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The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting today that a serious accident involving a Milwaukee Police Department Squad Car happened at at the entrance ramp onto Highway 41 from W. Wisconsin Ave. and W. Wells St. It is unclear at this time what happened. A flight for life helicopter has reportedly responded to the scene. We wish the individuals involved a speedy recovery.

We have represented both police officers and civilians that have been injured through the fault of another driver. Unfortunately for those injured by police negligence, there are strict notice provisions that must be complied with or the claims will expire. It is important that the injured party consult with an attorney to make sure that proper notice is provided, or risk losing any opportunity to recover damages. There are also damage caps that limit recoveries against municipalities for the negligence of police and other city workers. In cases involving serious injuries it is important to investigate liability and all available insurance coverage, including under-insured motorist coverage if available.

On the flip side, police officers that are injured through the negligence of civilian drivers are normally covered by workers compensation, or an equivalent, which pays the officer’s medical bills and disability compensation, but only according to schedules that provide limited compensation. Sometimes officers do not realize that they can pursue a third party tort claim against the responsible driver and recover full compensation.